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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Out and About

I had the opportunity to goof around with the camera on a long lunch break last week and thought I'd share a few photos I took along Greenwell Springs Road in north Baton Rouge. If you keep up with my Flickr stream you'll probably have already seen these.

Although I've been to Jerry Lee's for boudin several times, not until this day did I notice that Jerry Lee's is right next to Mary Lee. Two Baton Rouge institutions. If you're asking, "what is boudin," you don't want to know.

mary lee, jerry lee

Whether in Baton Rouge or other South Louisiana towns, I am always struck by the placement of cemeteries. In addition to having many swallowed by petrochemical facilities, I also seem to find many abutting pharmacies.

rite aid, cemetery

This one was taken near Sherwood Forest and Florida Boulevard. The grocery store has been vacant for a while and I thought the partially restored Caddy was a nice addition to the scenery.

for sale/for lease

I've passed this place many times and always wanted to stop with my camera. It has also been closed for years, according to my wife. It always reminds me of an old Venture store (that may only make sense to my Chicago readers.)

formerly the real superstore

used to have low prices every day

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