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Monday, February 22, 2010

White Castle Ferry

And for my second trick...

This afternoon I had an appointment in White Castle. Not in a White Castle over a stack of sliders, but White Castle, LA, in Iberville Parish. There are some nice plantations out this way, but I didn't have time to take any photos of them today.

White Castle is on the south/west side of the Mississippi from Baton Rouge, so to get there I had to take the "new bridge" - nothing unusual about that. But after crossing the bridge, I had another 30 minutes to drive along LA-1 to the southeast. The problem is, you can find yourself a long way from a bridge doing this, and I needed to get home to Ascension Parish. I had three options. The first was to go back to the bridge I had crossed earlier, but that would take me back toward downtown and away from home. The second was to keep driving down LA-1 to the Sunshine Bridge near Donaldsonville, but that would have taken me past home. The third option is to take a ferry. The Louisiana Department of Transportation operates a number of ferries in and around Baton Rouge.

These pictures were taken on my BlackBerry again since I didn't have my camera, but I couldn't resist. I admit I was actually smiling and really enjoying the experience, like a little kid. It was a fun little diversion at the end of the day, and really makes you appreciate the size and power of the Mississippi.


  1. Thanks for your post, Chris! I really enjoy your blog.

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  3. Google Maps actually shows this ferry route. 75 to 74 and you're home. Pretty cool. I want to take this next time I'm down there!

  4. I want to take the kids on it, too. An interesting couple hour journey would be from the house toward downtown, over the bridge, through Plaquemine (which I want to do a dedicated post about some time), to Nottoway Plantation in White Castle, then the ferry home.