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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Independence Day on False River

In prior posts, I've mentioned that my in-laws have a camp in Jarreau, LA, on False River. False River is an oxbow lake – formerly part of the Mississippi River that cut itself off in approximately 1722. Today, in addition to the many people that live on the lake year-round, it is also home to scores of “camps.” The term “camp” was a new one for me when I moved to Louisiana. I was used to “cabins” or “cottages” in the Midwest. Pretty much the same concept.

Each year on Independence Day, False River holds a boat parade. In many ways, it's similar to a Mardi Gras parade, in that there's an over-arching theme, plenty of music, and things being hurled from the floats. Oh, and lots of booze. The things being hurled are typically water balloons. More on that during today's photo exposition. The theme this year was “What Does BP Mean to You?” Here we go – happy birthday, America!

These first few picture the boats as they were staging a ways down the lake. Note the two people floating in the water in the first picture. This is a key part of the strategy – you put swimmers in the lake to collect any water balloons that didn't reach the pier.

boats assembling

preparing for the parade 1

preparing for the parade 2

One of the BP-themed boats.

tony haward 1 boat back

watching the boats

false river boat 1

“Miss Oily 2010.”

miss oily 2010

This was my favorite one of the day.

plug bp's hole

deepwater horizon boat/float

false river boat 2

false river boat 3

Boat-to-boat combat.

boat to boat combat

false river boat 4

false river boat 5

false river boat 6

false river boat 7

false river boat 8

These flags were flying at a nearby camp. The dixie flag is rendered in LSU colors.

american and lsu dixie flag

lonely pierdrops

false river boat 10

false river boat 11

false river boat 12

Take note of this boat. Many of the boaters carry nets so that they can catch incoming water balloons, or fish unbroken balloons from the water.

false river boat 13

false river boat 14

false river boat 15

father and son on jetski

This young man is pictured launching a water balloon toward my beloved family.


Two direct hits below.

watch out

direct hit

false river boat 16

false river boat 17

These guys were keeping things safe.

on patrol

This party barge was built from pure Cajun ingenuity. It looks like more fun than a barrel full of monkeys – it has a bar, ceiling fans, a killer soundsystem and a bathroom. However, it definitely looks like it's testing the limits of buoyancy.

party barge

Your scribe and photographer.

shady self portrait

This is “Deuce.”



false river boat 18

Things were starting to settle down, all the water balloons had been used.

contemplating the lake

patriotic pier

Finally, some time to relax.

swing, water

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