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Friday, May 7, 2010

A Trip Down LA-308

There's really nothing like found time. I had my day blocked off to do some volunteer work today, but it wrapped up far more quickly than I expected. I decided to take the rest of the day to take some pictures along LA-308, a road that I've been up and down several times. I've always noticed things I wanted to photograph, but I've never had the time. So I threw on a baseball cap, put some Surfer Blood on the iPod, and hit the road. 

Here is a rough map of the route I took today:

My first stop was Assumption Catholic Church in Plattenville. I had noticed the church before, but never the cemetery. It was absolutely fascinating. Many graves dating to the mid-1800s, and as you'll see below, many written in French.

assumption church

cyprian montet grave marker

assumption church cemetery

j.b. judice grave

judice inscription detail

assumption cemetery

plainsance, martinez, melancon

charlet tomb

cross, assumption cemetery

assumption cemetery perspective

inscription en francais

The next few are from the Napoleonville area.

out of service

Madewood Plantation.

madewood plantation

madewood plantation

mt. zion b.c.

church, field, sky

tree, tree truck

home, field, sky

wayne eschette trucking

sugarcane rising

I found myself back in Thibodaux again. This is St. Joseph Cathedral, quite impressive.

st. joseph cathedral

I was getting hungry, so I used my phone to Google the best po-boy in Thibodaux. The first thing that came up was this link about Frostop's roast beef po-boy. There is a Frostop in Baton Rouge, too, but I had never eaten there. I set the coordinates on the GPS.

frostop root beer

You can tell I'm not from South Louisiana because I thought it would be a good idea to eat a roast beef po-boy in the car. It was delicious. The root beer was quite unique. It was served from an unmarked milk gallon container. It was sickly sweet, and slightly flat, almost like root beer mixed with molasses.

roast beef po boy

While sitting in traffic in Thibodaux (yes, there was some traffic), I snapped a couple photos of nice Acadian-style homes.

thibodaux home

acadian looker

Now on Hwy 90 headed back toward New Orleans, I stopped to snap this picture, a common sight this time of year along Louisiana highways.

strawberry stand ahead

$1.08 sounds pretty good.


There are a few extra pictures from today on Flickr. Also, I recently took a hodge-podge of pictures (some I'm fairly proud of) in St. James and Ascension Parishes that can be found on Flickr as well. Just didn't think that set warranted a blog post. Anyhow, on my way home...

hurricane evacuation route

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