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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Today I visited Houma, LA, located in Terrebone Parish. I find myself in Houma a lot. It's not a terribly big city (about 32,000 residents), but due to its location, there are tons of oil/gas/offshore companies located in the vicinity. When I visit Terrebone and Lafourche Parishes, I'm always amazed at the scale of the boats and rigs as compared with the surrounding community. I've never visited any shipbuilding towns in the Northeast, but I'd imagine it's similar. Here are a few pictures from my soggy trip this afternoon...

This was taken just outside of the company that I visited today. I was struck by all the tugboats lined up so close to the road. I also tried to include the little drawbridge in the picture - these are quite common around Houma.

A little cemetery, fenced off and located right in the middle of a neighborhood.

Typical view on a Houma street approaching a canal/channel.

Rolling shot going over a canal - gives you some perspective on the scale of industry compared to residential areas.

Like I said, my photography skills need improvement. Stick with me.


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  2. Solasolocc,
    Seems to me that sky could be reflective of the mood in Houma right now given the economy...... Roll on!