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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I grew up in the Midwest, Chicago to be exact. About three years ago, I found myself in Baton Rouge, LA. Overall, the transition hasn't been all that difficult. In general, the people of South Louisiana are kind and gracious. It's hard to find someone unwilling to share a cup of coffee or teach you how to eat crawfish. But things are different in South Louisiana than they are in Chicago, to be sure.

In late 2008, I embarked on a new chapter in my career that requires me to be on the road several times a week making sales calls. On any given day I might be as far northwest as St. Landry Parish, as far northeast as Washington Parish, as far southwest as Vermilion Parish, or as far southeast as Lafourche Parish.

It's been quite an experience. I've met a lot of memorable people and found myself in places I never knew existed. I'm starting this blog to share a few slices of my experiences with family and friends. I've never blogged before and I'm not a great photographer, but I hope to get better at both via this exercise.

I hope you enjoy seeing and learning a little about South Louisiana through my travels.

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  1. Solasolocc,
    Very cool idea for a blog/journal. As a lifelong Chicagoan I'm really looking forward to your images and observations on this fascinating area.